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About Repairstoretools

Welcome to Repairstoretools! Repairstoretools, owned and operated by Shenzhen Senke E-Business Co., Ltd, provides One-Stop solution for broken Lcd screen refurbish of mobilephone and tablets,from LCD separate machine,glue remove machine,OCA film machine,LCD glass laminating machine,bubble remove machine,to frame press machine.  

Without the requirement of minimum order quantity, customers can even purchase only one unit product at low price. Besides, wholesalers can get considerable discounts or coupons for our campaigns and promotions from time to time.


What Repairstoretools Offer?

LCD Screen Refurbish Machines:

  • LCD separate machine
  • glue remove machine
  • OCA film machine
  • LCD glass laminating machine
  • bubble remove machine
  • frame press machine
  • other repair machine

 Auxiliary Material & Tools:

  • OCA film,glue,lcd frame,glasses, etc
  • LCD mould,UV gun,UV lamp,all types of screw drivers and tweezers,etc.


Repairstoretools Vision

Perfect products endow a life! What insist is to deliver perfectness and elegance of products to each customer by offering high-quality commodities.


Customers Repairstoretools Serve

Our customer groups widely spread in European, North America, Oceania, and even remote area like Kosovo. Based on mutual benefit, we have established long-term and stable cooperation relationship with our customers.


SENKE Culture

Three core principles establish a basis for our businesses with customers: high quality, superb service and competitive price. We put high quality ahead of service and price as we do understand the quality means to our customers.


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